Stamford beat Uppingham in badminton league


Stamford Badminton Club hosted Uppingham Hill in the Stamford and Rutland men’s league and Welland Valley A played Welland Valley B in the mixed.

Uppingham’s resources were stretched as they only managed to find two pairs to face Stamford.

Having lost the home fixture of this tie earlier in the season they had set themselves an uphill task to come away with a result from a starting point of 3-0 down.

Their 1st pair saw plenty of badminton as they played three games against Stamford’s 1st and 3rd pairs and only lost one leg.

Uppingham’s 2nd pair were an untested partnership who got plenty of points but finished the night without one victory making the score 7-2 to Stamford.

Both of the Welland Valley teams fielded their strongest sides but it was always going to be a tough task for the B team.

David and Meg continued their successful first season together by winning two of their three legs, just losing to the partnership of David’s father, John and Meg’s mother, Gill.

Welland A team’s third pair had the busiest night as all three of their legs took three games to decide. Score 7-2 to Welland Valley A.

Welland Valley A travelled to Rockingham on Monday night to battle it out for a place in the final.

Welland have won home and away in the league fixtures this season and would have known that Rockingham would be due a positive handicap.

So Gill and John did what they’ve been doing all season and did not allow any of Rockingham’s three pairs too many points.

But Rockingham fought so hard against the other two pairs that they would have won had this been a league match.

When the points were counted up at the end of the night Rockingham were only 18 behind.

The handicap envelope was opened to reveal “Rockingham +90.5” giving them a convincing victory by 4 points a game and now need to prepare themselves to face Welland Valley B in the final in April.