Rawhide Thompson keeps on rolling with points victory

Ross Thompson in action against. Bartosz Baraniecki. Photo: Michal Ruszel Photography EMN-151215-120936001
Ross Thompson in action against. Bartosz Baraniecki. Photo: Michal Ruszel Photography EMN-151215-120936001

Ross ‘Rawhide’ Thompson recorded another win at the biggest kickboxing show in the Midlands- Ultimate Gladiator Five.

His opponent Bartosz Baraniecki, from the Spirit Dojo gym run by the UFC fighter Paul Semtex Daley, was defeated over three hard fought rounds at the K1 event sanctioned by ISKA.

Despite a 3kg weight advantage, and one of the best equipped gym’s in the country behind his opponent, Thompson made Rutland proud with his gutsy performance.

In K1 fights punches kicks and knee strikes are allowed, the winner is decided by stoppage or points, with the fighter that inflicts the most damage regardless of technique wins, in the event of equal damage the fighter that was going forward the most wins.

The K1 rule system was developed to allow different martial artists including, Muay Thai, karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Foo,kickboxing and boxing to compete fairly.

The home fighter entered the ring first, much to the crowd’s approval. Looking confident and relaxed, however he was soon unnerved as Thompson entered the arena to his trademark Rawhide theme, the crowd, trainer and corner men all adorning cowboy hats and a swagger, was serenaded into the ring to the drone of “rolling, rolling, rolling, get them doggies rolling rawhide.”

The fight started at blistering pace, with Baraniecki attempting an early knockout with some of the biggest punches of the night, however the Rutlander covered up and evaded only to counter strike using his impressive speed with kicks to the ribs and legs.

The action was neck and neck, but Thompson’s shots were landing clean, leaving devastating welts and slowing the bigger man down.

The second round went the way of the first, with huge bombs thrown and countered by the more skillful fighter, and even more welts started appearing on Baraniecki’s legs. However that seemed only to rile him up more, a tribute to his conditioning.

The third round saw a change of tactics from Thompson, with Baraniecki desperate for a knock out, and throwing his weight behind huge overhand rights and left hooks, the Rutland fighter struct back with traditional boxing, bobbing and weaving on his toes, and countering with his hands with quick combinations to the end, ensuring a victory with a perfect score card of 30/27 by all the judges.

Trainer Danny Byrne,started Rutland Kicking primarily for fitness classes but has been also offering separate fighter classes. He said: “This year has been a great year, we have gone all year undefeated, and soon hope to hold a show off our own next year or with conjunction with Leicester Kickboxing.”

Anybody with an urge to get in the ring from kickboxing to white collar boxing can get in touch a with the club by calling 07880 987638.