Ladies complete winter competition


The two ladies teams at Oakham Tennis Club have now completed their winter league matches and can sigh with relief that neither will be demoted nor promoted, although it was a close-run thing for the 1sts.

The competition this year has at times proved difficult for the club as many ladies could not commit to regular appearances at the weekends during October and November due mainly to other family commitments and the competition in these leagues is quite keen – although there is always an element of enjoyment.

Many matches have been extremely close, only being decided by a tie-break.

In previous years, these matches would have been draws, but a new way of getting a decision was introduced to see if players might prefer it.

A decision as to its continuing will be made next year once feedback has been received.

However, struggle as they did to complete the fixtures, the 1sts have found themselves in third spot in Division Two and the second team finished sixth in Division Five.

The winning of four matches by the 1sts gave them a 60 per cent score, one per cent higher than the team which will go up as it’s the matches won that count initially.

This season has given a few ladies who usually prefer friendly competition among other club members a chance to play competitive tennis and they have agreed that it was good fun.

l Tennis at Oakham continues throughout the year and now with floodlights switched on, many more will be able to play outdoor in the evenings over the winter months.