Course record beaten again at PACTRAC biathlon


PACTRAC held their second winter biathlon’s at Oundle over the distances of a 900 yards swim and 5 miles run.

The race three weeks ago decided the Handicapping for the weekend’s race, whereby the first athlete to cross the finish line collected the Biathlon Trophy.

Seven athletes competed in both races, giving themselves a chance of winning the Trophy, which went to the most improved athlete over the three weeks.

Three weeks ago Nathan Tweedie was the fastest athlete in a time of 40:31, a new record. At the weekend, Nathan was again the fastest, this time in yet another course record of 39:14.

Sean Pooley won the Trophy being first across the line on handicap, with an improvement of 5:13 minutes on his time just 3 weeks ago.

Second across the line was Laura Johnson with a 3:58 minute improvement; with Nathan 3rd just catching the two David’s before the finish and taking a further 1:17 off of his recent course record.


1st Nathan Tweedie 0:09:31 0:29:43 = 39:14 PB

2nd Sean Pooley 0:12:48 0:31:15 = 44:03 PB

3rd Rob Hammond 0:13:04 0:34:32 = 47:36

4th David Allsop 0:13:22 0:34:21 = 47:43

5th Giles Cooper 0:13:54 0:35:36 = 49:30

6th David Pooley 0:14:25 0:35:24 = 49:49 PB

7th Laura Johnson 0:14:23 0:41:21 = 55:44 PB

DNF Kimberley Bell 0:09:54