Bowls: Spirited fightback helps Stamford on their way


Stamford bowlers have reached the third round of the English Inter-Club Over 60s championship thanks to a 14-shot defeat of Grantham and now face Scunthorpe for a place in the area final.

In the early stages Stamford’s away rink skipped by Peter Edwards took time to settle and were down 0-10 after five ends, while Martyn Dolby’s home rink were held at bay.

However, Edwards’ quartet fought back with 11 shots in six ends and only lost by two while the home four’s scores of 7 and 5 in the closing ends settled the overall result.

Bob Warters and Martyn Dolby face a ‘derby’ clash with home rivals Dave Hudson and Derek King in the National Over 60s pairs after a nail-biting defeat of Boston’s Barry Wilson and Mick Tomlin.

The pair weathered an early onslaught for a deserved 19-14 lead after 19 ends and held six shots to put the result beyond doubt until Tomlin clipped the jack into the ditch for a four count. However, Dolby held his nerve to draw the shot for a 20-18 win.

Warters and Dolby were also in action in the National Over 60s Fours, alongside Ramsden and Edwards - the competition in which they narrowly lost in the English final earlier this year.

Against fellow Stamford bowlers Hudson, King, Bruce Acock and Alan Barnes, they trailed 8-13 early on but fought back to lead 16-14 thanks chiefly to some end-saving draw shots by Dolby.

Turning point came on the 18th end when they picked up six shots and their deflated opposition conceded at 23-14.

A battling fightback by Hudson, King and Richard Allam almost pulled off a shock win against Martin Pullen’s Over 50s Grantham triple. After trailing by more than a dozen shots early on they scrambled to a narrow lead, only to let it slip 18-21. Pullin - a former English indoor singles winner, now faces Stamford’s Peter Cox, Romaine and Rippin for a place in the area final.

l Veteran bowlers from Stamford have leapt to the top of the Lincolnshire Over 60s Second Division with a 109-69 demolition of Grantham, claiming all 18 points.

It follows a 108-91 defeat of Horncastle - also at home - when they dropped points on two rinks to add 14 to their overall tally.

l Stamford’s women bowlers are in form in the Lincolnshire Trudy Bates Indoor League, beating Scunthorpe on all five rinks to claim maximum 16 points in a 110-64 demolition.

Janet Gamble, Rosemary Roberts, Connie Cox and team captain Glenys Edwards took the rink honours thanks to a late burst of scoring which took them to 30-12.

l Entries are shortly to close for the Christmas Mick Owens Open Tournament on Friday, December 27 - when teams of four play four sessions of eight ends during the day. Entry forms (£16 per team) from Stamford IBC.

l Results (Stamford names only)

Lincs Over 60s League, Division Two: Stamford 108 (14pts) Horncastle 91 (4), N Kettle, B Acock, P Banks, A Horton won 26-18; A Chapman, K Vinter, D Veasey, D Heffernan lost 7-28; T Barwell, T Mackie, A Romaine, J Geary won 24-19; W Kettle, G Corby, R Harvey, A March lost 11-17; D Howarth, D Ingham, T Weaver, R Martin won 30-9.

Lincs Over 60s League Division Two: Stamford 109 (18pts) Grantham 69 (0), W Kettle, G Coirby, T Freeman, R Harvey won 26-14; T Barwell, T Mackie, A Romaine, J Geary won 22-11; A Chapman, D Veasey, D Heffernan, D Henshaw won 22-16; N Kettle, R Graham, P Banks, A Horton won 17-16; D Howarth, D Ingham, T Weaver, R Martin won 22-12.

Lincs Women’s Trudy Bates League: Stamford 110 (16pts) Scunthorpe 64 (0),
F Rogers, P Barton, C Warters, A Edwards won 18-15; M MacKellar, S Henshaw, R March, C Ford won 22-15; A Martin, P Collicott, V Du’Kett, P O’Brien won 16-13; J Gamble, R Roberts, C Cox, G Edwards won 30-12; J Brennan, M Andrews, S Moir, D Mackie won 24-9.

Over 60s Double rink: Stamford 48 Grantham 34, D Hudson, D King, B Warters, M Dolby won 30-14; A Romaine, M Ramsden, K Rippin, P Edwards lost 18-20.

Friendly: Melton 93 Stamford 86, S Bailey, N Corby, K Moss lost 11-22; H Fidom, J Lonslow, G Scothern, G Corby won 21-20; A Chapman, Alan Sherwin, M Jefferies, B Sims lost 16-19; Ann Sherwin, E Pervis, J Frith, T Freeman lost 16-18; R Roberts, C Scothern, A Lonslow, A Romaine won 22-14.