Bourne MMA fighter Matt Powell takes on the world

Matt Powell, MMA EMN-140514-094657001
Matt Powell, MMA EMN-140514-094657001

A mixed martial artist from Bourne who has been competing for England has just won a silver medal at the World Championships.

Matt Powell, 23, who is a goldsmith by trade, first got into the world of mixed martial arts when he was learning his craft as an apprentice in Glasgow.

Having been a boxer since the age of 17, he started mixed martial arts to stay fit but quickly took a love to the sport and excelled in its disciplines.

In the last six months he has concentrated on his training and success has come quickly.

Training out of Peterborough Warriors Gym, he gained the attention of the sport when he excelled in the Peterborough series fights.

After that he was encouraged to train and trial with England and the whirlwind of success has kept blowing ever since.

Two weeks ago he won the Kwon England ISKA National Championships in the featherweight category, which is 65kg, and even went up a weight to fight in the Men’s Lightweight where he also won a bronze medal.

The competition proved he was one of the best amateur MMA fighters in the country and on May 3 he proved that he is one of the best in the world, picking up a silver medal at the ISKA Amateur World Championships in Lloret De Mar, Spain.

Powell said: “It is all quite surprising and very quick.”

Powell is trained in five different martial arts disciplines including boxing, judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu and Muay Thai as well as mixed martial arts.

He fought his way through the preliminary rounds where he eventually lost to an Italian fighter.

Powell said: “It was fantastic to go out with the England squad. It really hit me when we I were in the hotel. Up to then it was just like I was preparing for any other fight but when I got to the hotel we were there with all the other teams from around the world.”

Powell said with ever-increasing publicity, the sport is becoming more and more popular. He said: “Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing sports in the world at the moment.”

And it appears the sky is the limit for the Bourne fighter.