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YOUR VIEW: Success of Spalding Academy has been to the detriment of Bourne

Bourne Academy
Bourne Academy

It is with great interest I read the article on the former Spalding Gleed School and how the school has now turned a corner with regards to its reputation now it is under the care of South Lincolnshire Academies.

It is a great shame this seems to be at the detriment of Bourne Academy.

As a parent of a child in Bourne Academy, I cannot help but feel disappointed that Bourne Academy is being allowed to suffer, as some of the more respected and trusted teachers and staff have been seconded to Spalding Academy allowing BA to, in my eyes, ‘fall apart at the seams’.

BA has grown in reputation and status to a school to which I have been proud to send my child, but sadly, it is not a school I would now necessarily recommend. Some of the key staff members are splitting their time between the two schools and my personal belief is that Bourne Academy is falling into a decline.

Whilst I appreciate that a recent Ofsted inspection at Bourne Academy was carried out and everything was determined to be good, as a parent, I now disagree with their findings.

Had the school been allowed to continue to blossom under the current regime and not have their attention diverted to a Spalding school, the report may have been determined quite differently. I am pleased for Spalding Academy and all who attend the school but perhaps the leadership team should now look to redirect their focus back to Bourne Academy before it is too late and the school’s reputation is tarnished and BA will need some form of intervention.

Worried parent

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