Letters: Pedestrian crossing is needed now

I write to you in relation to the crossing for both pedestrians and motorists at the crossroads junction with the A15 at Morton/Hanthorpe.

My wife and I moved to Hanthorpe approximately two and a half years ago. We use the junction at least once and sometimes more on a daily basis and therefore are well acquainted with it at most times of the day.

I must say it is with some trepidation that I see mothers with very young children and/or pushchairs,
elderly and disabled people trying to negotiate crossing the A15 in the face of heavy traffic in both directions coupled with the added danger of vehicles emerging from either the Morton or Hanthorpe direction. How we have not awoken to a tragedy such as that which has befallen the inhabitants of Thurlby when two young girls have been critically injured remains a mystery but mark my words I believe it is only a question of time.

I think many tragedies are avoidable and it is incumbent upon us all to do what is within our power to avoid such happenings.

By this I mean the immediate installation of a pedestrian crossing on the A15, reduction of the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph and consideration of traffic calming measures to ensure the limit is adhered to.

It seems to me that the highway authorities and other bodies responsible for such matters are more receptive in the wake of the likes of the Thurlby accident.

How, I bet, those accountable wish the speed limit had been reduced to a sensible level without six years of campaigning by local villagers, who, after all, almost certainly know what is best for their own safety.

David Dingle

Farthings Fold,


I am writing to clarify the situation regarding speed reductions and pedestrian (puffin) crossings on the A15 at Thurlby and Northorpe crossroads following your report on the accident involving two 11-year-old girls.

Lincolnshire County Council plans to lower the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph at Northorpe crossroads. The speed limit between Northorpe and the existing 40mph limit at Thurlby, will be reduced to 50mph.

Work to put the new speed limits in place will take eight to 10 weeks to complete. No start date for the work has been announced, but, as Thurlby Parish Council chairman, Coun Dobson, explained, the 40mph speed limit must be in place before a pedestrian crossing can be installed.

To clarify further, both Thurlby and Northorpe crossroads are in the parish of Thurlby; therefore two pedestrian crossings are urgently needed for the village.

The cost for the two crossings will be £200,000 (£100,000 each).

As county council contractors will install the crossings, once the council approves the work, there will be no further delay to await the outcome of a tendering process.

We have waited far too long for safe pedestrian crossings to link the public foot/cycle paths at Thurlby and Northorpe bus stops.

There should be no further delays.

The priority for county and district councils and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership must be to expedite the installation of the speed limits and to do everything possible to ensure safe crossings for pedestrians at both Thurlby and Northorpe crossroads, as soon as possible.

The latest technology in speed cameras should also be incorporated to ensure enforcement of the speed limits.


Obthorpe Lane,