Letters: Disappointed by what I saw in Stamford

I think Stamford is a lovely place, however, I feel the town centre was let down by, what I can only call mediocre Christmas lights on display.

The entire time I was there they were not turned on. I later learned that they come on after 5pm. What is the point of that as most shoppers have gone by then? I can understand the council trying to save money.

Try to do better this year, or you may get a visit from the ghosts of past, present and future.


Lansdowne Street,


I paid a visit to Burghley Park and was upset to discover that the area around elephant trap and classics, leaf pit is now fenced off.

I can remember playing up there when I was a child with friends from school and am hoping that this is not a sign of further changes to come at Burghley generally.


Meadow View,