Letters: County council did know about pavement problems

I read with interest your article about Hydee Wilson’s unfortunate accident on the footpath in Casterton Road (Mercury January 3).

I was interested, no amazed to read the comments of Kevin Brumfield from the county council, especially when he says: “This had not been reported to us but now we are aware, an inspection will quickly take place and suitable repairs scheduled”.

I started writing to the county council in 2009 about the state of the footpath outside our house in Casterton Road; twice, two men with a bucket of tarmac have been and filled in holes and I have been told several times that repairs would be carried out and then money would run out and this area was not a priority.

In July, 2012 I informed the county council that a visitor to our house had tripped on the uneven pavement - no injury sustained. It replied that it intended to hold a site meeting and a survey with the intention of having repairs carried out.

In April of last year I was told that the area would be marked up and repairs carried out within a month; in May I was told that it was no longer a priority.

On December 5, I received this e-mail:

“I understand your disappointment regarding the intended works not materialising at this location. I have been chasing the works for some months.

“I learned last week that we are no longer able to resource the particular crew and method that was originally identified for these works and as such, I have been successful in getting them added to the next financial years footway slurry seal works.

“In the meantime I have visited the site and arranged for two footway patches to create two smooth transitions over two areas where the tree roots have heaved through the footway. I have asked that these works be prioritised.”

On January 2 and 3 the 2 areas were dug out and patched.

So, you will see that the county council and Mr Brumfield’s staaf were aware of the problems and I guess other residents in the road and Ms Wilson will think how efficient the council have been in quickly carrying out the repairs.

I realise that Ms Wilson did not fall over on the area that I had reported but it was only a few yards away.

Kevin Vinter

Casterton Road,


I was upset to read about Hydee Wilson breaking her ankle on the uneven pavement in Casterton Road.

In the middle of November I visited the council offices and rang the highways department to report the dangerous path in two areas along Casterton Road. Nothing was done about the pathway opposite the Drum and Monkey, so I called again on December 6.

I was therefore very surprised to read that the highways manager said the problem had not been reported.

Margaret Grainger

Barnwell Road,