Letter: Why weren’t we consulted?

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I am writing to you with regard to the demolition of the signal box at Deeping St James.

In the third week of June, we the residents of Station Road, Deeping St James received a letter from Network Rail stating that the crossing would be closed for one month commencing the following week. We have since learnt that this closure involves putting automated gates at the crossing and subsequent demolition of the signal box at Deeping St James. This signal box is a fine example of Victorian architecture, is listed in “Bradshaw’s” guide and is the only sign in the village with “St James Deeping”. It also seems that whilst this crossing is closed, they are closing the crossings at Peakirk and Deeping St Nicholas, this making Crowland inaccessible at times.

Our concerns are that there is no evidence of a public consultation, local letters or signs on street lamps regarding the road changes, hence no one knew about the subsequent changes at the crossing and demolition of the signal box. We have contacted the Head of Planning at Lincolnshire County Council three times and to date we have not had a response as to why this consultation did not go ahead.

The whole closure of the railway and the council’s procedure has been a hotch potch affair with very little forethought for local residents, namely access through to Crowland, or their concern about this beautiful landmark.

The residents of Deeping St James are furious about this.

There was a public meeting at The Institute last night (Thursday).

Richard Brader

Station Road,
Deeping St James