Letter: ‘We’ve been forced into library plan’

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May I correct an impression that readers may have gained, following your news item and editorial about Deeping Library.

The word ‘volunteers’ is only correct in so far as we are unpaid and are preparing to run a Community Library should we have to.

We haven’t volunteered to run a library; we are being forced to do so because Lincolnshire County Council have threatened us with the closure of our popular and well used facility if we don’t.

We will do our very best to step in if we have to but we would much rather that our library stayed open as the professionally run, properly staffed and funded community asset that it is at present. Neither alternative, of closure or community take over, is of our choice; we are being forced into this position because we are not willing to see the end of our library in The Deepings. The Friends of Deeping Library have been told we must ‘do or die’ – the choice between them is not voluntary!

Liz Waterland

The Friends of Deeping Library