Letter: ‘Wasting money’ on acoustic survey

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In an article in the Stamford Mercury June 27 concerning the Stamford Skatepark, mention is made of the District Council (SKDC) insisting on an acoustic survey costing £800 which will be money wasted.

I think this is only the tip of a bureaucratic iceberg on which the highly successful and popular skatepark could founder.

It is no secret that the SKDC’s Planning Officers recommended refusal of the application for the skatepark but the Development Control Committee overruled them. It now seems that the onerous conditions regarding the monitoring of noise levels, imposed by SKDC, are to ensure that the door is left open for it to force closure of the skatepark by nefarious means.

From the minutes of the meeting of Stamford Town Council’s Finance, Personnel and Asset Committee held on May 27, it is noted that SKDC is already requiring not one but three monitoring tests and, under the imposed conditions, it not only requires an annual review, ie test, but can also demand a review “at will”.

This means that it could demand so many tests “At will” that the overall cost would be prohibitive and would force closure of the skatepark.

In SKDC’s Decision Notice granting conditional approval of the Planning Application, there is a statement: “Account has been taken of the fact that the previous [wooden] skatepark did not form a statutory noise nuisance”. It is a well-known fact that concrete absorbs noise better than wood; so why the need to impose any conditions at all about noise level monitoring for the new concrete skatepark?

The need for all of the onerous conditions for noise level monitoring, the results from which could easily be demonstrated to be totally inconclusive and worthless, should be challenged with a view to their total removal, thus eliminating unnecessary expense to Stamford’s residents.

John Fox

Cottesmore Road