Letter: Thanks for joining Bourne meeting

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We would like to thank all those who attended the Public Meeting, about a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Bourne, at the South Kesteven Community Access Point in Bourne, on Monday, February 24.

Can we urge everyone who was there to send in suggestions, on the questionnaire provided, telling us how they would like the future of the Parish of Bourne to be. Send the questionnaire by post or by hand to – Bourne Town Council (Neighbourhood Plan), S K Community Access Point, Bourne. PE10 9EF.

Anyone wanting more information concerning the Core Strategy and the Local Plan will find it on the SKDC website. Hard copies are also available from the Bourne library. We would also welcome input from anyone who was unable to attend on the night. We hope to have the questionnaire from the meeting, and more information on Neighbourhood Planning, on the Bourne Town Council web site (www.bournetowncouncil.org.uk), within the next few days. There is already a link to the SKDC site. You can also respond by e-mail to deputy.bournetc@btconnect.com. Please head the email ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ and include your name and address. Having taken on board the initial comments at the meeting, and depending on responses through the questionnaire, we hope to move the project forward. A Neighbourhood Plan provides an opportunity for people to influence future development in the Parish of Bourne. Give us your ‘wishlist’. Without it nothing will happen.

Trevor Holmes, David Mapp and Roy McKinney

Town councillors