Letter: Thanks for helping parcels campaign

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As the year draws to a close I would like to say thank you to the people of Bourne and Stamford and places between the two towns for supporting the appeal to send parcels to Parcels to HM Forces in Afghanistan.

As of this date I have sent 687 parcels, each parcel had an average weight of 1.8kg.

I have received letters from both female and male service personnel expressing their delight in receiving and opening the parcels.

I have been informed that a large number of our forces do not receive any mail from home and are so happy with the parcels and the witty notes enclosed. I am now working on the Christmas parcels and it is my hope to send 20 plus parcels to our brave troops.

May I remind you of the places where you can leave your donated goodies. In Bourne, Spice of Life, located in Burghley Centre, Sams grocery shop, located in Abbey Road. You may also bring to my house.

The things that go into the parcels are, anything for hygiene for both men and women. There are two items that are banned by the postal services – aerosols and anything medical including painkillers.

We can send anything to eat, any table games, crossword books, hygiene items.

As you will have heard from the Government that they plan to take our troops out of Afghanistan at the end of 2014.

I place no faith in anything the government says, so I will continue until the troops are home.


8 Rowan Way, Bourne, 
PE10 9SB