Letter: Thanks for donations from store customers

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On behalf of SSAFA, I would like to thank all of the customers of the Sainsburys store in Bourne, who donated money to our collection on Saturday, August 16.

You raised a total of £88 during the short time that our collectors were there.

The money will be used to help us assist serving or ex-serving members of the British Armed Forces or their dependants who may be in need.

There are far too many areas that we cover to describe here, but if anyone is in need or simply wants to know more about the charity and it’s work, please contact our divisional secretary, Mr Neville Johnson on 01778 394483.

Thank you once again to both Sainsburys and their customers, we appreciate every penny that we can raise, especially in these times of financial constraint.

C V Mitchell 
(SSAFA fundraiser)

Foxley Court, Bourne