Letter: Such an appalling example to set

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The letter in last week’s Mercury headlined “Perhaps we should all accept situation”, in relation to the Lincolnshire police commissioner, Mr Hardwick, patently under-plays and ignores the woeful performance of Mr Hardwick in relation to his High Court quashed temporary Chief Constable suspension and the £165,000 wasted taxpayers court costs incurred.

The comments by the High Court on Mr Hardwick’s behaviour and actions in relation to the suspension and costs were clear and damning.The last thing this situation needs is to “brush it under the carpet”.

As I set out in my letter in the Mercury on March 14 on this subject, Mr Hardwick only apologised to the police officer he had wronged after he had been instructed to do by the Police and Crime Panel.

There is a still deafening silence from Mr Hardwick as the people of Lincolnshire wait for the apology which again the Police and Crime Panel had clearly and formally required from him.

It is staggering that Mr Hardwick had to be told to apologise and does not have the moral fibre or responsibility to apologise at the outset on his own initiative. What an appalling example to give to the Lincolnshire and wider national public and a disservice to the Lincolnshire Police force he is supposed to be working with and supporting.

At the moment Mr Hardwick, your enduring legacy as Lincolnshire Police Commissioner will be your abject failure in this matter.

Nigel Walker

St Paul’s Street, Stamford