Letter: Stamford has changed for the good over the years

This week I am struck by the sheer wonder and beauty of where I live and work.

I moved here twenty-some years ago, long before internet shopping was invented yet when Stamford High Street was a dust-bowl of empty shops, often adjoined by pools of vomit from the night before.

One could, almost, see the tumbleweed blowing through our blighted town centre.

Over the years the town has made a massive effort to pull itself up by the boot straps and get on with it.

Stamford is very clean. I see superb works going on to repair the river banks on the town meadows.

This year we have the finest Christmas decorations, and tree, that I have ever seen.

There is scarcely an empty shop in the town centre and if one business closes then another rapidly takes its place.

Absolute credit is due to the respective councils, to the town’s landlords and property owners, to the small (and large) businesses who contribute to the upkeep not just of their own premises but the town as a whole.

But it is in the power of every citizen to assist in this process.

I for one will be buying my Christmas gifts not on eBay or Amazon but right here in Stamford.

I will have fun. I will exchange merry banter with sales assistants and I will feel the quality before I buy.

By shopping here we gift massively to our own community.

Every pound spent here is multiplied, as if by magic, if that same pound can then be spent in Stamford again.

Robert Loomes

St Mary’s Hill, Stamford