Letter: School pupils ignore dangers

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Recently two young girls were seriously hurt in a road accident at Northorpe while crossing the road.

Last term I rang Bourne Grammar School to make them aware of their pupils dodging in and out of traffic when they get off the bus at the Austerby stop, instead of using the crossing which is only yards away. Their safety lady said that she would get it sorted.

This week I rang the school again as there was still the same problem and they said that the deputy head would contact me.

Three days later I am still waiting for the call. Obviously he or she doesn’t think road safety is important.

I personally would rather wait two minutes at the lights than have to divert because of a serious accident.

Also this week three teenage girls from Bourne Academy ran in front of my vehicle at the St Gilbert’s Road roundabout in Bourne.

I beeped at them and all they did was turn round and laugh. Who would have been laughing if one of them had been hit and who would have got the blame?


St John’s Close, Baston