Letter: Reshuffle was a cosmetic ploy

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Nick Boles is part of the great re-shuffle by David Cameron, and is to be Minister for State for the Business and Educational departments, as if we weren’t already in a big enough mess.

Part of his brief will be equal marriage implementation. Mr Boles has not yet commented on his brief for the implementation of equal marriage. There are many of us who would also like to know what it means to myself and most normal people. My wife and I were equal. We didn’t need any half baked politician to preach to us.

Mr Boles was shoe-horned into this constituency and has never been popular, either here or in a great part of the country.

Two of the people who should have been kicked out, Cameron and Osborne, are unfortunately still with us.

This re-shuffle is just a cosmetic ploy which will make no difference to me. I have been fed up with this “Government” for a long time, and I made up my mind then, and it won’t be for any of the big two and a half.

T W Earl

Sutherland Way,