Letter: Repairs are needed on ‘abysmal’ road surface

I am shaken – and perhaps a little stirred – to write regarding the abysmal state of the road surface from adjacent to the bus stop near Stamford Post Office to close by the pedestrian crossing near All Saints Church.

Stamford may have had “vision” to emulate those towns where mature, and properly laid cobbled streets enhance the character of such towns, by “cobbling” together a stretch of road surface, but time has surely not only indicated a lack of vision, but a lack of maintenance.

The various holes and uneven road surface are bad enough when being driven over in a vehicle, but are really hazardous to cyclists, such as myself.

It is only time before this stretch of road causes or contributes to an accident.

With specific regard to the cobbled stretch, the multitude of loose, uneven, and missing cobble bricks are a real hazard, and add nothing to Stamford’s character – in fact, I believe it actually detracts something, and is possibly viewed as a nuisance by many.

I would take this opportunity to request that this letter highlights this as a piece of remedial work that requires an element of attention by those that have such responsibility.

It does surprise me that no remedial work has been undertaken on this particular stretch for a very long time – but, also surprisingly, road surface excavation and resurfacing work has been carried out close to the Post Office on more than one occasion during recent weeks.

What a shame that all the necessary work was not done at the same time.

It may be said that I should report this through the normal channels, but when one considers that recent correspondence has indicated a lack of response or even awareness of road or pavement problems by the recognised authority, I trust this letter may initiate some support and action.

John McCarthy

Somerville Road, Stamford