Letter: Removing wreaths in Stamford cemetery is ‘insensitive’

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I write with reference to your article in last week’s Stamford Mercury regarding the removal of Mr Sandall’s wreath from his wife’s grave in Stamford cemetery.

I too had a similar experience to Mr Sandall’s. My father, Mr Keeble Dean passed away in October last year and his ashes were buried in Stamford cemetery in November. I placed a decorative wreath on his grave for the Christmas period. I also placed a holly wreath on my grandparents grave at the same time.

In January I visited my father’s grave and was horrified and upset to find the wreath missing. I too, like Mr Sandall, initially thought that it had been vandalised.

I walked over to my grandparents’ grave in a different area of the cemetery only to find that their wreath was still in place. So, as mentioned in your article, not all wreaths were removed.

Whilst walking back to my father’s grave I met a friend who was tending her parent’s grave and told her of my findings. She then informed me of the council’s actions.

As my father’s was a new grave it was only marked with a temporary plastic name plate. This was one of the reasons I wanted to put a wreath on the grave so as not to leave it bare.

Also the condition of the wreath was as good as the day that I placed it there, it was not rotting or unsightly.

Surely it is up to the relatives to decide when to remove floral tributes, especially on new unmarked graves awaiting a proper permanent headstone.

I feel that the council’s actions are rather insensitive and perhaps a rethink is in order.


Foxley Court,