Letter: Perhaps we should all accept situation

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I was chairman of the meeting at which Mr Hardwick (among several good prospective candidates) was chosen to be our police commissioner.

His natural ability and his exceptionally wide experience of Lincolnshire Police matters – though never himself a police force member – may well have been the key to his appointment (as a qualified outsider).

It was then early days for a national “in depth review of police practices and police organisation”. But current commentators now all agree, that particular bull should have been taken by the horns many years ago.

Mr Hardwick refuses to apologise (apparently for a minor fracas between them, at the outset); and the police chief is apparently now content that the matter should be put in limbo. Nor has the high court judge enlightened us about the cause of what his Lordship declared to be “an unwarranted suspension”, he also hadn’t told us what was “said/done” between them.

Is it possible that both parties, for sensible reasons, have misgivings about what happened? They had got on fine at the outset. They do so now again.

Perhaps Mercury correspondents should accept that situation, though one wonders if the lawyers, who advised legal action, were any better informed than the public, who are now left to pay the legal cost resulting!


All Saints Street, Stamford