Letter: No discounts after buying wrist bands

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On Saturday July 26, my son and his family decided to support the Fun on The Meadows charity event.

The woman taking the entrance fees asked my son if he would like to purchase wrist-bands for his three children at £1.50 each, and they would receive discounted rides on the fair.

Another £4.50 on top of the entrance cost, and the wrist-bands were in fact a stamp mark on each child’s hand.

The rides cost £2 each, and when my son asked about the discount, the fair operators knew nothing about it and he had to pay the full price.

Each ride cost him £6 and on some he was told that he would have to go on as well because two of his girls (aged 6 and 4) were not big enough to go on their own, so these rides cost him £8 (no mention of size restrictions when he bought the ‘wrist-bands’).

There were no signs stating the cost to enter.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we knew that all the funds raised were actually going to the charity, but it seems to me that the main people benefiting from this event are the owners of the fair!

So, Committee what are you going to do about it?

It was your responsibility to make sure that this event was organised properly.

A half-hearted apology on Facebook is just not good enough.

Next time they will not support any charity event, it will be a day out to Wicksteed Park.

Cheryl Buckley

Elliotts Way,