Letter: Mr Boles must think we’re idiots

I fear Nick Boles MP thinks his electorate are idiots. He is using the immigration stick to beat his drum while failing to report to us what he’s been up to in Westminster.

I watched his televised performance on reporting to the Select Committee on Planning when he was called to explain and answer questions on the National Planning Policy Framework. In the course of his replies, he referred to “Animal Farm” and “pigs squealing” on speaking about objectors to planning applications.

Fortunately, he was saved from disgracing himself further because he had a peer sitting next to him who did the nudging to get him to not continue in that 
vein. Now, as his report referring to immigration is put before us in last week’s Mercury, he has been called on by Downing Street “to tone down his aggressive rhetoric on planning.”

No 10 has warned Mr Boles to stop making uncompromising speeches about development over fears his language was alienating rural constituencies.” (See Daily Telegraph, January 11).

I notice too in his article in the Mercury the reference to Romanians and Bulgarians suggests he may have written this report before January 1 as there is no reference to a lonely Keith Vaz MP meeting the one Romanian who turned up to wash cars causing the bevy of reporters to wish they had stayed at home in bed on such a bleak morning.

R Britton

Millfield Road,