Letter: Marvellous production of tale from New York

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I find myself totally inadequate to comment on the marvellous production of a View from the Bridge, by Arthur Miller, which was staged by Shoestring Theatre at the Arts Centre, Stamford, recently, but because we are so fortunate to have such a talented group an appreciation must be made.

Arthur Miller, the playwright wrote that Red Hook (Brooklyn) where the action took place, was “full of Greek tragedies”.

A View from the Bridge was certainly one of those, and at times I thought about similarities between this piece and West Side Story, with the animosity between the Costa Ricans and Brooklyns similar to that between the immigrant Italians and Red Hook residents. Throughout the play, the American accent never faltered, and the set was so cleverly constructed.

Much credit must go to all the actors and particularly their director Hilary Spier and Ann Stutz production manager.


Arran Road, Stamford