Letter: Hang your heads in shame

Before the County election eight months ago at which Lincolnshire county councillor Peter Robinson scraped in with a majority of just 17 votes, I predicted publicly that since the Tories had already abandoned Deepings Youth Centre, the library would be next on the list.

On Tuesday last week, despite the 9,000 petitioners, the so-called consultation process and the other public outcry, the council made the decision to close Deepings Library.

The Tory executive should hang their heads in shame as they took an action that even Mrs Thatcher said was beyond the pale. People in the Deepings have been well and truly sold down the river.

There now seems little option but to try and find a way to run a library with volunteers and fundraising before the county find an opportunity to sell it from under
 us for a fast-food restaurant, estate agent, bridal salon or some other business they believe the Deepings needs more than a library.

Mark my words, the next on the hit list will be housing development on the Deepings Showground.

Ashley Baxter

Market Deeping town councillor and Deeping St James parish councillor,

Kesteven Close,

Deeping St James