Letter: Get ready to be stuck in a jam

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RE: The meeting in Bourne on the review of speed limits on roads in the area.

If this meeting goes the same way as the placing of speed humps along Beech Avenue and other roads in Bourne, the decisions have already been made.

Coun Helen Powell was quoted as saying a 50mph limit on the A15 “would be lovely”.

Between this blinkered outlook and perceived speeding and some very vocal so-called pressure groups, the silent majority stand no chance.

So if you have to travel to work in a car be prepared to crawl to work and then get blamed for the pollution from your car engine.

While the idea is to get most people on public transport or a bicycle is the ideal, the reality is there is no viable cost-effective alternative to the car at the moment.

The Treasury needs the money from car users and who would pay for all the cycle ways if not the car driver?

Mr P Booth

Poplar Crescent,