Letter: Fascinating skills of clock maker


I have just spent a fascinating evening going behind the scenes of Robert Loomes clock and watchmakers on St Mary’s Hill Stamford after being invited to attend.

The skill and dedication involved in creating these intricate and beautiful timepieces designed by Robert Loomes is awesome and now when I look at each one I can truly appreciate the work and time involved.

They also restore old clocks which are delicately and beautifully hand painted by a delightful gentleman ensconced in a little room high up in this ancient building which apparently used to be a prison. When going through the rooms there is the sound of clocks old and new ticking away which have been left for repair and restoration and the hypnotising swing of the pendulums as they sit peacefully waiting to be passed as fully functioning again and ready for collection.

It’s like going back in time to the days where each person is treated as a valuable customer. The staff are polite and knowledgeable and Robert Loomes is and will continue to be an extraordinarily talented and creative watchmaker.


Caledonian Road,