Letter: EU is in ‘cloud cuckoo land’


The EU in cloud cuckoo land again. As an organization and I use that word lightly, the EU never fails to quite simply stagger me with it’s stupidity.

As far as I am aware this band of unelected, unaccountable spendthrifts have never in their existence had a single year where their accounts have been balanced and audited successfully.

The impending edict that the word Bankrupt is to be banished and substituted by Debt Adjusted beggars belief.

Are they preparing the ground to go Debt Adjusted themselves I wonder. They are in my opinion not only Bankrupt of every shred of credibility but almost certainly if their accounts ever do get properly audited they will be severely Bankrupt in every sense of this wonderful English word.

I have said it before and will say it again we do not need them they are an unacceptable and pitiful burden. In a letter I wrote to this paper in the midst of the deepest depression experienced in many many years I stated that I felt this Great Britain would bounce back, it is in the thankfully process of doing just that and will succeed in doing so and would certainly be doing it better without the meddling of these EU idiots. Forgive me but I must once again use those wonderful words of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson “We can trade with them but never ever try to live with them”.


Blackstones Court,