Letter: Dismayed at other drivers’ attitude


To the gentleman who fell off his bike at the mini roundabout by the Deeping police station, I do hope you weren’t hurt.

I was a few cars back when I saw the man go round the roundabout before slipping on the wet road, and watched as he and his bike splattered to the floor.

I pulled up and wound my window down to check he was OK, which he assured me he was, and I was happy to see him mount his steed and ride off again.

But I was dismayed with the drivers of the five cars ahead of me who all just drove past, not even wavering from their journey home to check whether the poor cyclist was OK. What was worse was that this happened opposite the police station, from where a policeman was driving out, directly over the road from the cyclist lying prone on the floor. The policeman didn’t stop, just as all the other drivers didn’t. What’s happened to the world? I couldn’t believe that no-one else stopped to check the cyclist was safe and unhurt. My journey home was delayed by about one minute, and I was happy to pay such a tiny price to check the cyclist was safe. Seems one minute is too much for some people.


Waterton Close, 
Deeping St James.