Letter: Consultation on library ‘an insult’

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I was staggered by the naivety of MP Nick Boles when he said in his Mercury column that “nothing has greater impact on decision-makers than the sight and sound of a community speaking with one voice”.

Where on earth was he hiding when what must have been almost the whole of the Deepings, including their MP John Hayes, together with many big names from the literary world, spoke via petition, letters, press releases and public meetings against the closure of the Deepings library?

It was perfectly obvious during a totally sham “consultation” that was an insult to us council tax payers, that the outcome had been pre-agreed by the powers that be at Lincolnshire County Council. No amount of convincing argument swayed them one bit. Hopefully the voters will remember this betrayal by their elected county council representatives at the appropriate time.


Park Road, Deeping St James