Letter: Borrowing under Tories is growing

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I write in response to Nick Boles’ latest party political Mercury column on behalf of The Conservative Party.

Mr Boles once again trots out his “Labour’s Great Recession” line, much to the amusement I’m sure of the spivs that caused the 2008 global meltdown of the world economy.

Mr Boles must think we’re simpletons to believe that Labour somehow caused the collapse of Lehman Brothers by employing too many police officers and nurses.

“Ah, but the deficit, Labour built up the deficit before the crash, in the good times” some may holler. Then why did the Tories back Labour’s spending plans pound for pound until after the bailout of the banks (which the Tories also backed) in November, 2008?

Don’t take my word for it, the footage is easily available on You Tube.

The Tory (and the LibDems, who could forget them?) “bingo Budget” may have brought some welcome reforms for pensioners, but did little to address, what for most of us is still a very real cost of living crisis with people on average £1,600 a year worse off.

Average earnings adjusted for inflation have dropped 7.2 per cent since 2010, with East Midlanders taking the biggest hit with a 8.7 per cent drop in wages.

Will the pain be worth it? Well, despite the incessant hacking at our public services Osborne is borrowing £190bn more than was forecast in 2010.

On a brighter note, three cheers for Richard Cleaver and the campaign for more trains on the Birmingham to Stansted line that serves Stamford. This is something we can hopefully all support and would bring real benefit to ordinary working people.

Adam Wissen

chairman, Stamford 
Labour branch, 
Elizabeth Road, Stamford