Letter: Arrogant driver ignored signs


At about 3pm today, Monday, I was walking along St Paul’s Street,Stamford towards the traffic lights at the East Street junction.

As I needed to go towards Ryhall Road I waited at the pedestrian crossing just round the corner on East Street. This should of course be a safe place to cross as traffic from St Paul’s Street is not allowed to turn left onto East Street as indicated by the No Left Turn signs.

As the pedestrian crossing signalled myself and two women, one with a walking stick, to cross, we commenced across the road. We had barely taken three steps when we were confronted by a blue convertible Mercedes car turning left out of St Paul’s Street.

As I told the driver it was a no left turn junction I was greeted with a two fingered sign and some unsavoury language from the male driver.

May this be a warning to law abiding pedestrians who use this crossing. There are ignorant arrogant motorists about who think traffic laws do not apply to them, irrespective of the danger they put pedestrians in at this blind left turn.

Eric Metheringham

Watling Close