Letter: ‘Archers man lived in Dowsby Hall’

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With reference to the article about The Archers by Jim Latham in The Local last week, it was indeed Henry Burtt who had the idea for The Archers, and Mr Latham is quite right to point that out; I have had to remind the BBC about this fact myself in the past.

Henry Burtt never lived in Rippingale. He lived in my house, Dowsby Hall, which, as its name implies, is in Dowsby, and his farm, Hall Farm, is also situated here.

The photo of Henry Burtt in the article is therefore wrongly captioned and should read “Henry Burtt, the farmer from Dowsby.”

In short, if anywhere can be said to be the true home of The Archers it is Dowsby, and I always remind visitors of the connection with this village when the house is open to all on Lincolnshire Heritage open days.

Anthony Jennings

Dowsby Hall,