Your News: What you need to buy for your new pup

Preparing to be a puppy owner
Preparing to be a puppy owner
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It’s a busy time of year for my puppy classes. What do puppies need you to buy? Bowls for food/water, a bed, collar and lead are obvious choices.

Here are other tips for invaluable puppy items.

l A pet I.D. tag. Even if microchipped, all dogs must, by law, wear a tag inscribed with the owner’s name and address. Don’t forget to 
add your mobile phone number.

l A harness. You will need a collar for puppy but a harness makes walking more comfortable. Normal harnesses do not stop pulling. You will need gentle training and expert advice for 

l Book puppy class long before you get your puppy. We usually have a waiting list and feel awful when we cannot accept puppies as they all need training and to mix with other dogs safely and happily.

l Chew toys (rubber) such as a Kong. Add a smear of cheese spread or peanut butter inside so that your puppy learns to chew this, not your shoes or phone.

l Puppy house line. These are 6 feet (2m) long and attach to puppy’s collar whilst you are supervising. No more chasing puppy to retrieve stolen items!

Above all, shop locally!

We have fantastic local pet shops so get to know them. You can usually take puppy with you as a meet and greet, a valuable part of their socialisation.

Happy shopping!