Your News: Weight loss with a mental difference!

The Wellhead Practice in Bourne
The Wellhead Practice in Bourne

This is for those seasoned dieters amongst you as well as those looking for the possibility of a longer lasting weight loss solution.

Whilst it may sound a little extreme it could be the breath of fresh air you are looking for and if you’re at all intrigued then I urge you to spend three minutes reading the rest.

Even the best of us flounder over Christmas and New Year, eating and drinking too much which leads onto ideas of how best to correct the situation in the New Year.

Diets are fine but as we all know, there are so many different ones it’s hard to know which the best is for you.

Then there is the issue that you can’t and don’t want to spend your whole life on it and at some point you need to stop which is when the weight typically creeps back on.

Diets are often good for losing a few pounds in the short term but less effective in maintaining that desired weight over longer periods.

In the hypnotherapy world we see the word ‘Diet’ as ‘D’ for disaster, ‘D’ for ‘Denial’, ‘Don’t eat this!’ or ‘don’t eat too much of that!’.

Effectively you deny yourself until you have reached the slimmed-down version of you. Once there, you rightly congratulate yourself on all that hard work paying off and perhaps begin to feel you deserve a little break, a treat, a reward and perhaps the chance to eat ‘normally’ for a little while at least.

Unfortunately ‘normal’ again usually means going back to your ‘old’ ways of eating and before you realise it, all that hard work has been undone.

The pounds creep back, the feelings of failure, guilt, sadness and disappointment return. The worse you feel the more you eat. The more you eat the worse you feel and that vicious cycle returns.

If this seems a familiar tale to you then maybe what’s needed is not the latest new diet but a new and different approach to weight loss.

Hypnotherapy could help you bring about permanent long-lasting changes in weight management and weight loss. Clinical hypnotherapy examines and identifies the underlying reasons of why a person overeats. Perhaps it is to fulfil something missing in your life, perhaps it’s an emotional response to a particular situation or even just boredom. Whatever the reason, utilising hypnotherapy to target this root cause can bring about a change to old eating habits, patterns of unhealthy eating behaviour, incorrect portion sizes and ultimately transform your relationship with food with newer healthier ones.

Hypnotherapy has been an effective ‘last resort’ to treat weight problems. If you are open, willing to try and committed to see it through to the desired change then hypnotherapy could be for you too.

Treatment programmes are personalised to an individual’s situation which will typically take between two to three sessions to deliver.

Jacqueline Preston is a registered hypnotherapist practicing at The Wellhead Practice in Abbey Road, Bourne. To find out more about what Mrs Preston can help you with, visit or call the practice on 01778 392832.