Your News: Walking in time to the Witham

Witham on the Hill
Witham on the Hill
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During these short misty winter days, early afternoon walks need to be close enough to Bourne to arrive in time to catch a window of light and air. If you are looking for a walk long enough to wear the kids out and to make adults feel like they have stretched their legs, head for Witham-on-the-Hill. Out of Bourne on the way to Stamford, Witham on the Hill stretches back in time to a mention in The Domesday book 1086.

Witham is a pretty spot with the buildings a mix of traditional stone and Collyweston Slate, the impressive Witham Hall and a church dating back to the 15th century. For the children both the old and new spark their interest with the ancient stocks tucked under the spacious green play area.

The inscription from the Parish Hall is said to read ‘train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it’. The village stocks and whipping post seem to reinforce this message. Happily we don’t need to instil any fear in the kids, the incentive of a play in the park is all that is needed to get them walking.

This circular walk led us past the church and the play area on the green...over the stream, up the hill through a little wood and round a large field, and back to where we started. This walk is easy with a few gentle hills and takes a good hour.

I was surprised to see the car-park full when we returned from our walk, the hills and hollows hide you well. Here even teenagers love to run and roll.