Your News: Typhoon strikes the Philippines

The aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan
The aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan
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In our literacy lessons, we have been learning about the fragile lives of people less fortunate than ourselves, and how to share our thoughts on this whilst improving our journalistic writing.

On Friday 8th November, 2013 a super typhoon (Hiayan) crashed into the Philippines. The typhoon stormed out of the ocean like a raging volcano, disturbing many Filipino people, many people were displaced. What would you do if a disaster like this affected you and your family this close to Christmas?

In this serious situation, which has been considered to be a billion dollar disaster, over three and a half thousand people have died and over a million people have been affected by the typhoon. The Filipino President Benigno Aquino made a heart-warming speech, ‘Stay safe in the coming days. Nothing can bring a united Filipino people to their knees. We all need to pull together.’ Millions of dejected families are homeless and without food and water.

The large city of Tacloban was the most battered place as the typhoon went straight through the middle of the Philippines. The typhoon came just days after an awful earthquake which had already damaged this country and shaken the resolve of even the most resilient. Many say Hiayan was the most thunderous typhoon ever to hit land. The winds inside the typhoon reached speeds of 200mph and brought with it flooded streets treating people like buoys in a vast ocean. Lives were lost and everybody felt sombre.

In this tragic atmosphere the United Kingdom has donated over £60million to help people in trouble and in need of our help. Right now lots of Filipino people are suffering from dysentery and dehydration. HMS Illustrious has been sent to the region to offer help in the form food bags and water supplies…but we can do more.

Please visit and donate some money or plan a fundraising event to help out. What would your life be like if it was trapped within the eye of a storm? These people have been very brave in coping with the disaster so please donate!