Your News: Tune out of modern-day distractions and into feelings


Ray Pawlett is the owner of Ki-Ways Tai Chi, which offers holistic therapies to people living in the Bourne area

Have you ever “just had a feeling” about somebody? I am talking about the kind of thing where you suddenly start thinking about a person and just cannot get the idea of them out of your head.

You finally get around to contacting them and find out that something huge has happened to them.

Alternatively, you are walking down the high street, get the feeling that somebody is looking at you – and they are!

If you start to think about it, you could come up with hundreds of examples of that sort of thing.

We do it all of the time.

Some people seem to be really good at that sort of thing and others seem to miss it nearly every time.

Why would this be?

Just imagine if you will a far simpler world with less people in it, no electronics and no big machinery.

Also, we would have no internet, encyclopaedias or very much written knowledge at all.

The world that you are imagining is that from mankind’s pre-technological era.

In it, our ancestors had the same basic requirements as us – food, water and shelter to name a few.

They did not however, have the opportunity to look up in a book if a plant was edible, peer through binoculars to hunt prey or shine a torch into a cave to see if there was danger.

They used different skills. For example, working out if a cave has got a bear in it would be similar to getting a bad feeling about a place and deciding to not go there.

In their pre-technological time, there was less “noise” around, so it was easier to pick up the signals more clearly and became a part of the evolution of the species.

Nowadays in times of high population, there are so many signals around us that it becomes difficult to “tune into” the ones that are useful to us. So we end up ignoring them most of the time.

In evolutionary terms, the time from our pre-technological ancestors to modern times is quite short.

We have not lost the ability to pick up on the same signals as our ancestors used for survival, they have become lost in the mass of other signals and we have forgotten how to listen to them.

The information is still out there though and we still pick it up from time to time.

The difference is that as the signals are in general ignored or missed that they only affect us on a subconscious level.

If we can learn how to pick up on the signals and use them on a conscious level then we gain access to a whole new level of perception.

Some people call it Energy, Chi, Ki or prana. Really the name does not matter – it is the experience that matters. Usually, this level of perception was regarded as the realm of the “masters”.

Shall I let you into a secret?

It is REALLY EASY to do!

OK, it is not so easy that I can write an article about it and you “get it”, but after having taught people how to tune into their “Energetic Sensitivity” for several years now, I can get you doing it within a few lessons.

Before working in holistic treatments as a career, I was a professional engineer.

If this were “airy fairy” stuff, the pragmatic side of me would immediately reject it. “Energetic sensitivity” can be useful for an incredible range of activities – not just healers and martial artists.

I have even met a customs official who used it to work out if people were smuggling or not!

If you would like to find out more, please contact Ray Pawlett on 07413 620344 or for more details.