Your News: Trials and challenges on residential trip bring new classmates together


On Friday, 15 November, 161 Year Sevens left School for our residential trip to Kingswood.

It felt strange that we were wearing non-uniform unlike the rest of the School. The whole of the year were asked questions as the excitement grew and missing fifth period was an extra bonus!

We left at four o’clock and talked the way through the 2 and a half hour coach journey. When we arrived, we split up into our groups and headed off to have our long-awaited tea or to go on a tour of the site and then the groups reversed. Next, we tackled our first challenge of the weekend which was named ‘Bottle-Rockets.’ We had £20,000 to get materials to help protect the water balloon on the end of our bottle rockets.

Then it was bedtime and the boys’ hardest challenge yet: making their own beds! The most frequent question was “Sir, what’s this for?” (Waving a pillow case!)

On Saturday morning we had our first breakfast and our first taste of bacon! The morning activities for my group involved ‘Night Line’, a challenge where we had to be blind-folded while going round an extremely muddy assault course. We had our lunch then the boys went outside to play football as the girls talked in the warm.

In the afternoon I tried something new in quad biking then, as the sun went down, it was time for the high ropes, which meant climbing many metres in the air before jumping onto a diagonal see-saw, walking across that, then jumping onto the platform at the other side. Our harness was waiting, to let us down (slowly). The last time I was this high was at the top of a yacht’s mast!

When the night came, it was time to party for students and teachers alike. With the teachers dressed up as well, we saw a different side to the people who teach us at School. It was then time to get into our onesies and pack for the return journey.

The next morning brought two more challenges, which included the highly rated laser-force in the woods and, finally, some team-building exercises. Then it was more football for the boys before we were sent to get our bags to board the coach for the journey back.

When we arrived back at School we rejoined our parents and took away with us many long-lasting and amusing memories and a real feeling of being part of a strong year-group community.

Special thanks to Mr Chamberlain for the organisation and all the staff who gave up their time to help with the trip.

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