Your News: Tips to combat a car-sick canine

Karen Wild column
Karen Wild column
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We have all seen the cartoons about trips to the ‘V-E-T’ and we often discuss why dogs simply don’t seem to like travelling in the car, ironically when they really like the walks at the end.

Cars are one of the only ways to really get about nowadays, and the guilt at leaving our dogs at home makes it essential that they enjoy it!

You may not think your dog feels poorly, but he can certainly feel nauseous on journeys. This may be from the motion of the car, facing the wrong way, cannot see where he is travelling, or could be swaying about a little too much. Keep him further forward in the car if you can, and ask your vet for help.

Fearing the car can develop from feeling sick but is linked to the noise, sudden movement and smell of the car, too. Begin feeding your dog his favourite meals in the car whilst it is parked on the drive, play with him in there – everything to make him 
think the car is a great place to be.

Gradually begin moving the car, on short journeys at first. Even moving it just a few feet! Build up your dog’s confidence, until you can take longer journeys. Avoid roundabouts and speed-bumps as much as you can for these first trips. This is not supposed to be the doggy equivalent of an obstacle course. Keep it smooth and your dog will feel safe, and settled, in future.