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Your News: This month it’s the “perfect storm” for Three Counties


This is the month in the year when we encounter the "perfect storm".

Before Christmas, not after, is always the peak season for people to part with their pets. Matters at home seem to come to a head; visitors coming to stay or owners going away for the holiday period can be enough to force the decision to part. This year has been no different with a growing waiting list of people no longer wanting their dogs and hoping to pass them on to Three Counties.

At the same time December is a busy time for everyone getting prepared for the holiday season, buying presents, having parties and putting up the decorations. For most people it is not a time to start thinking about the pleasures of owning a companion dog or cat so re-homing activity falls away. That creates the "perfect storm"; more dogs wanting new homes and fewer people considering pet ownership.

One of the ways in the past we have managed the situation has been to find people having time off over the holiday season who would enjoy giving one of our companion dogs the opportunity to spend that time in a home environment and so free up space in the kennels. It is an opportunity for people to come forward and foster ones of our dogs short term and to enjoy the mutual companionship. It also acts as spur to get out and have some exercise to work off the season's excesses. If you would like to find out more about this just give me a call on 01778 440318 or 077085 89792.

We would not foster a dog with you unless you are entirely happy with it. So no need to worry that you might end up with one you couldn't manage.

The need for a secure garden and to not leave the dog for too long still apply.

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