Your News: The benefits of neutering

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Your News EMN-140228-120734001

Neutering provides great benefits for you and you pet and can prolong its life.

All Three Counties dogs are neutered before rehoming as part of the battle to reduce the number of unwanted dogs.

In the past it used to be thought that bitches shouldn’t be neutered (spayed) until after the first season but now it is done generally from the age of 6 months. In fact some of the health benefits diminish when neutering is delayed and of course the risk of unwanted puppies increases.

Some people worry about putting their pet through a surgical procedure. There is some temporary discomfort but in my experience they are nearly always up and about after a few hours and keeping them quiet is more of a problem.

So what are the benefits? It reduces aggression in male dogs and makes other dogs less aggressive to yours.

It makes them less inclined to escape from your garden and roam. It can also reduce the risks of prostate disease and some cancers in dogs and for bitches it reduces the risks of the potentially fatal Pyometra (infection of the womb) and breast cancer. You also do not have to contend with the mess that a bitch in season can leave in your home.

There is a misplaced concern that neutering will make your dog fat but it is just a matter of regulating food intake. Some people have also worried about personality changes taking place but any that do are likely to be for the better.