Your News: Sammy and Brian give recycling tips

Brian Black Bin and Sammy Silver Bin with South Kesteven District Councillor John Smith (Con) in Bourne market.
Brian Black Bin and Sammy Silver Bin with South Kesteven District Councillor John Smith (Con) in Bourne market.

Residents and visitors to Bourne Market learned more about what items you can and cannot recycle as part of SKDC’s ongoing recycling campaign.

Costume characters Sammy Silver Bin and Brian Black Bin from South Kesteven District Council were on hand during half-term week (May 29) to promote the authority’s education campaign to adults and children alike.

They gave out recycling guides, pens, pencils and and extra recycling wheels, which were delivered to every household in the district in SKtoday magazine in March.

They were joined by SKDC’s portfolio holder for healthy environment Coun John Smith to give out the guides and answer South Kesteven resident’s queries on waste and recycling services.

Coun Smith said: “Education is playing a pivotal part in informing residents what they throw away in each bin is very important and that getting recycling correct is in the interests of everyone.

“We received good feedback on the wheel that featured in copies of SKtoday earlier this year and took on board comments from residents about what can help them make recycling even easier.

“We’re pleased how many local people in Bourne take recycling so seriously and help us with our pledge to be clean, green and healthy.”

The campaign is focussing around the correct items to put in the district’s silver bins or clear bags at home.

The higher the level of correct recyclable items the authority collects, the more it can earn back from recycling plants to invest back into resident’s waste and recycling services.

The guides and wheels also outline the correct waste to put in black bins or pink bags, green bins and items that should be disposed of at Household Waste Recycling Centres in Bourne or Grantham.

For a list of the latest of the items residents can recycle in South Kesteven, visit and watch out for the hashtag #skdcrecycling on twitter for updates.

Residents can also request a copy of the recycling guide by calling 01476 406080.