Your News: Sabre is keen to start a new life

Sabre EMN-140715-124641001
Sabre EMN-140715-124641001

Hello. I am Sabre.

I’m a bit older than some of my friends at Three Counties. My owner was taken into care and I lived on my own at home for three weeks with neighbours coming in to feed me.

As I am a very friendly dog I found that stressful and hurt my paws scratching doors trying to get out.

Fortunately Three Counties were called in and they got me to the vets for a check up. I went on a drip for twenty four hours for a pick me up and I am now fully fit and keen to start a new life.

If you think you could give me a permanent home or even just foster me please give Gyll Mauchline a call on 01778 440318 or 077085 89792 (between 9am. and 6pm).

There are lots of other dogs, cats and kittens needing homes on