Your News: Martin Hill ‘delighted’ to freeze tax bill once again

Lincolnshire County Council Leader, Coun Martin Hill.
Lincolnshire County Council Leader, Coun Martin Hill.

I am pleased to start my column this week with the welcome news that for the 4th consecutive year Lincolnshire County Council will be freezing its element of your council tax bill, saving approximately £100 a year on a band D property.

Whilst this means that we have to find extra savings to cover council services, we feel this is important to do our bit to help protect household budgets.

To potentially save you more money, we are working with other authorities in the county to launch a campaign that invites residents to join forces and potentially save hundreds of pounds on their bills.

Energy suppliers can offer lower energy prices to a collective contract made up of thousands of customers. The more people that sign up, the lower the energy prices that could be offered. People who have never switched energy supplier and are on a standard tariff are likely to make the greatest savings. Once the registration deadline has passed on Monday February 17, the tariff of the lowest bidding energy supplier will be offered to residents. Residents are then able to choose to accept the offer or not. The scheme is easy to join by registering your details at

There is also good news for many of the mobile library stops in our area. Following a library service review to make sure we will deliver a sustainable service fit for the 21st century, it had been proposed that many of the stops would be discontinued. Following helpful feedback in the consultation, I am pleased to say that many mobile stops in the Bourne area have been saved. However, it is a case of use it or lose it and we need at least 7 customers per stop on each visit to enable them to continue.

We have been kept very busy trying to cope with the recent flooding throughout the county and we are on full alert during this very wet period. As recently having been established as the lead flood authority we are responsible for dealing with both coastal and river flooding. We now monitor planning applications to ensure that they properly deal with any potential flooding problems and we also liaise with landowners to ensure they fulfill all of their responsibilities as well. If you have any issues about flooding locally please contact the county council, and we will look into your concerns.

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