Your News: Looking for a place to call home


Hello everybody. My name is Sammi. I came to Three Counties Dog Rescue because the family I was with didn't want me anymore as they were going to have a baby.

Talking with the other dogs here it seems that quite a few have ended up at Three Counties for the same reason. Apparently when Three Counties came to collect me they realised that they had already been to the same house previously to pick up another unwanted dog. Such a shame that it is too easy to take on a dog like me and then just hand me over.

I am friendly and enthusiastic and love doing agility at the kennels. If I had a loving family of my own I would be such good fun to have around.

If you can offer me or one of my friends a home or even foster me while I find a permanent home please give Gyll Mauchline a call on 01778 440318 or 077085 89792