Your News: Little dogs are a big task for owners

Little dogs like this one are 'proper dogs'
Little dogs like this one are 'proper dogs'
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One of the things I often hear when out with my doggy crew is people muttering ‘I don’t like little dogs, they are yappy’, or ‘Get a proper dog!’. Of course, the comments are not always this rude-sounding, but I do think that owning little dogs is actually quite a big task.

Little dogs are ‘proper dogs’

My tiniest and prettiest dog still rolls in fox poo, or eats deer droppings, and has a great time barking at next door’s dog over the fence when she gets the chance. Little dogs might look adorable and cute, but if you are thinking of them as anything other than a committed canine, you are going to be disappointed. Small dogs can still behave aggressively, chew, jump up at visitors and can often be hard to housetrain. It might seem hilarious thinking of a small dog being able to bite someone, but not so amusing when you see cases like I do, where a tiny dog targets children’s faces. Getting a tiny enough muzzle was a real task.

Take small dogs seriously

It is much easier to bathe a little dog, exercise them, and cheaper to feed, but they still need just as much social contact and medical care as big dogs. Dressing them up is not my thing, but if you plan to do this, be careful that you are only doing this because they enjoy it, not because you do. Some dogs do’t have enough fur to keep them warm.

All dogs need respect

No matter what size dog you want, you need to prepare for a lifelong commitment, even up to 17 years. Training, being tied to the dog’s routine, walks, not just cuddles. Insist your head rules your heart, before that little ball of fluff melts your resistance away.