Your News: Keep off those pounds all year

Renu, Abbey Road, Bourne - formerly the Marquis of Granby
Renu, Abbey Road, Bourne - formerly the Marquis of Granby

January is a classic time for everyone to try to lose a few pounds after the festivities.

Often, we look for the secret formula that will change our body shape, but for a long term solution, this simple formula can help you not only lose those extra pounds, but keep them off in the future.

It is a fact that if you reduce your calorie intake by 3,500 calories per week you will lose 1-2lbs.

Therefore if you follow these two easy steps you will reach your goal. You need to reduce your calorie intake by 250kcals a day and increase the amount of energy you burn by 250kcals a day.

Step One: Increase your daily activity to burn 250 kcals a day. Our 30 minute workout in the Renu gym is designed to use around 250 calories and is an easy way to achieve your goals.

Here are some examples of what you can do: 250kcals

= A 45 minute brisk walk

= 60 minutes Pilates class

= 60 minutes vacuuming and sweeping the floor

= 45 minutes moderate cycling

Step Two: Reduce your calorie intake by 250 kcal daily.

250kcals = 3 bourbon biscuits

= A large glass of wine

= An ounce of cheese and 2 biscuits

= A Mars bar

= 50g ‘grab bag’ of crisps

By doing this, you are creating an energy deficit of 500kcals a day and 3500kcals a week. This equates to losing one to two pounds of weight a week.

Even more importantly, by creating an energy deficit of 500kcals a day, you will be burning fat cells. This means you will be more likely to maintain your loss and you will improve your muscle tone. If you were to create a deficit of more than this the body would use protein stores to burn energy i.e. muscle as it would need to preserve fat stores, potentially leaving you feeling you are still out of shape and need to tone up.

However, beware of ‘crash diets!’

It is tempting to try to cut out more calories to lose weight quicker, but beware. If you were to cut out more calories a day than advised on the energy deficit, you would be ‘crash dieting’. Crash diets can make your weight drop dramatically, however the weight lost will go back on just as quickly.

This is why: if you were to lose 10lbs in 10 days, then 5lbs would be water which would go back on straight after you stop dieting. A further 2½ lbs would be muscle tissue which is burnt for energy, so therefore you would have only lost 2½ lbs in fat. If you go on a crash diet and then start eating again, the weight gained will go back on as fat, not muscle and fat and therefore, you will end up with more body fat than you originally started with!!!

If you would like more information on how to lose weight and tone up, please contact the gym team at Renu and we will be happy to advise you.